How is money spent to produce the show?

The Lambeth Country Show remained free in 2017 for all to enjoy. The cost of producing a show of this scale is increasing each year for various reasons such as health & safety, security, crowd management and medical cover. We have published a full budget to demonstrate how public money is spent on the show.

Total expenditure in 2017 was £690,909.71. Organisers secured income from concession sales and small sponsorship packages to the value of £322,629.16. Additional income was obtained in the form of cash donations during the event with a total of £10,000.09 collected. This income is offset against the total expenditure and Council budget is assigned each year to pay for the shortfall. The total cost to the Council in 2017 was £358,280.46. With an attendance of 150,000 people, this amounts to a cost of £2.39 per person.

A copy of the final budget is available to view online: LCS 2017 Final Budget. Please note this is a summarised budget due to commercial sensitivities.

You can also view summarised budgets for the show dating back to 2014: LCS 2014-17 Final Budgets.

A summarised budget for Lambeth Country Show 2018 will be available in due course after full reconciliation of this year’s event.

Lambeth Country Show 2018 – Evaluation Statement (.pdf)

If you have any questions regarding the Country Show, please don’t hesitate to contact the team: